March '17

10th of March: Sharon Doorson's new single, Golden Trophy. Written by Spanker, Jalise Romy and me. The track was produced by Clifford Goilo, Spanker and myself. 

Upcoming releases for Lorrèn and Krystl later this month.


11 03 2017

February '17

European release!
On the 27th of january, the Swiss band Yokko released their new single 'Heart on Fire' in all of Europe. I happened to have co-written and co-produced the song, and I am very very pleased with the result. Have a listen in the player.

Last week, a Balladeer's latest single featuring Sarah Bettens came out. A wonderful song, on which I happen to play the piano.

In Holland, Sharon Doorson will release her next single very soon, which I also wrote and co-produced. together with Spanker, Jalise Romy and Clifford Goilo. Stay tuned for that one.

Further more I've had fantastic writing sessions with YouguysMusic partner and friend Niels Zuiderhoek, together with Yoshi and Koen from Dutch band Sunday Sun, and we're finishing the production for a new single for Dutch singer Krystl.

30 01 2017

November 2016

I got a gold record for Maan's 'Ride it'  this Summer!

Releases october: 
Wazig - Femke Meines (single)
Hideaway - Lorrèn (single)

Releases november:
Liefde laat je nooit meer alleen - Rene Froger (album)
Jij bent het allebei - Rene Froger (album)

Upcoming: releases for Sharon Doorson (NL), Yokko (CH)

04 11 2016

July 2016

It's been a while, but not because nothing's happened. I've been expanding my horizon and work partly from Berlin now, and it took some time to organize things. With my friends at YouGuys Music I've been producing for commercials, as well as setting up sessions with Dutch, German, and Swiss artists. More news on that soon. 

Meanwhile, the Gestört aber Geil album went gold in Germany (100.000 copies), on which I wrote the track Golden Eyes with my buddy Diggy Dex.
Ride it, Maan's single after her winning The Voice of Holland, did really well too, with a bunch of playlists on major radio stations, and 2.5m plays on Spotify.

Other releases are due in august, september and november, by René Froger, Luminize, Femke Meines, Jared Grant, and Elise de Koning.

Happy Holidays,

24 07 2016

April 2016

new single releases:

Ride it - Maan (Winner The Voice 2016)
Your time will come - Jon Tarifa
Wij gaan nergens meer heen - Wolter Kroes
Fighting for You - VanVelzen

check out the brand new video's or listen to them in the mp3 player. 

coming soon: Jared Grant's first single

02 04 2016

a Balladeer new album

On March 11, a Balladeer released his wonderful new album 'a Wolf at the Door'. I produced and played keys on 'Incompatible', and played keyboards on half of the album. Listen to 'Incompatible' in the mp3 player.

18 03 2016

March 2016

I've just returned from Berlin, in search for a house, because from May 1st I'll be living and working in that great city, collaborating a.o. with my old friends at Youguys.  

Recently I did 2 BMG writing camps; one for Dutch Crooner René Froger, and another one for BMG Germany in Hamburg, at the  Mental Madness Studio

The Theatre Tour with Paskal Jakobsen now has begun, in which I sing and play keyboards. It's almost sold out! Click here for the tour schedule.

There's at least 4 singles coming up the following month, so more about that very soon. 

08 03 2016

February 2016

Out now: Golden Eyes, an album track for Hamburg based DJ's Gestört aber Geil, entered the German album charts at number 2, and has been in the top 10 for the last 4 weeks.

Upcoming releases:
the new Luminize album 'All or Nothing', which contains 2 songs I co-wrote, namely their latest single 'All or Nothing' and 'F**k you'. 
New single by Wolter Kroes: Nergens meer Heen
New single by the Voice 2016 semi-finalist Jared Grant  
New single for Jon Tarifa 

Tour: Paskal Jakobsen Theatre Tour 'Stedentrip' will be kicked off in Middelburg on february 16. For tour info click here.

15 02 2016

November #2

'Call it Luck', VanVelzen's 4th studio album is out now. It enters the album charts at number 13 this week. It contains 6 tracks that I co-wrote, and besides, I co-produced the whole album, and played all kinds of keyboards. I am truly proud of the result. Check out some of songs in the mp3 player, or you can buy it here.
'All or Nothing' is Luminize's latest single, which I co-wrote and co-produced too, together with the awesome Holger Schwedt. If you like it, buy it here.
Gigs: Gigs with VanVelzen, obviously!
Last sunday, I did my first performance with the fabulous Paskal Jakobsen, at the Back at Sea Festival. The 2016 theatre show is going to be awesome. Tourdates you'll find here.

Scheduled writing sessions:
Cloud9 topline camp, Rupert Blackman (Causes), Sony EDM camp, Wolter Kroes, Kris Salvatore and more.

23 11 2015


Last week was full of great collaborations: sessions with Ivan Peroti, David Benjamin, Jamai, Haris a.o.
Coming up: sessions with Xander de Buisonje and topline writer Jantine Heij.

Performing: On November 10 VanVelzen will release the new album 'Call it Luck', in the St Bavo Church in Haarlem. In the mp3 player you can listen to two brand new songs: Homesick and Fighting for You, which I co-wrote. So proud of that song.


04 11 2015


VanVelzen's Phoenix is being played on all major radio stations. Watch the official video in the video section.
Wolter Kroes' Dol en Dronken has been featured as best new single on virtually every station for Dutch music.

Coming up:
European single release for the all female rock band Luminize.

Meanwhile I will be writing at Amsterdam Dance Event next week, working on new single material for Sharon Doorson, and finishing singles for The Voice Winner Julia Zahra. 


07 10 2015

Dol en Dronken

Today, singer Wolter Kroes released his new single 'Dol en Dronken', which I co-wrote. It instantly was proclaimed 'Paradeplaat' on Listen to it in the mp3 player, or watch the video!

11 09 2015


On the release day, VanVelzen's new single Phoenix was added to the playlists of Qmusic, 100%NL, and is Radio 2 Top Song next week! Written by Tienus Konijnenberg/James Bauer-Mein/VanVelzen/myself.

05 09 2015


Upcoming releases:
4 september VanVelzen - Phoenix (single)
11 september Wolter Kroes - Dol en Dronken (single)
13 november VanVelzen - Call it Luck (album) 5 songs 

very soon: first release on CR2 with Matthew Heyer (single)

promotour VanVelzen for new single 'Phoenix'

Writing sessions: 
Talpa/BMG writing camp/Sharon Doorson, Eleonoor Coco, Ai Ming Oei, Guus van der Steen and meanwhile pitching for a new large stage production.

Other news:
I'm happy to announce I will be joining BLØF singer Paskal Jakobsen on his first solo tour 'Stedentrip' as keyboardplayer and backing vocalist, in spring 2016. First rehearsals will start last week of september.

05 09 2015

June/July 2015

Production for 'Incompatible' by A Balladeer. In the mp3 player soon.
Production/Vocal recording new VanVelzen album. 5 co-writes on the upcoming record.
Toplinewriting with Diggy Dex, Eleonor Coco, Guus van der Steen. Releases coming up soon!
Preparing sessions with a.o.  Lorren, Ruben Hein, and for a brand new Stage Musical.
Gigs with Wouter Hamel, BLØF and VanVelzen.

Now: Holiday in Sweden till august!

02 07 2015

May 2015 (2)

Apart from some vewwy nice gigs with VanVelzen (see the pictures), we've been enjoying another great recording week in De Helmbreker Studio. I (co)wrote 3 of the 5 songs we taped, so I'm proud! Apart from that the band played great, and the album is going to be really good. 

I received the very good news that one of my songs is going to be the new single for quite a big dutch singing recording artist. I'll keep you posted about it.

I've spent another day producing a track for A Balladeer's upcoming album.

Upcoming writing sessions: Ruben Hein, Diggy Dex, Ming Oei.  But first: toplining with Guus (Kern Koppen).

21 05 2015

May 2015

Last week: 3 day writing camp at Studio Arnold Muhren for VanVelzen with a.o. The Nexus (UK), Shane Alexander (US), Tienus Songs, Ruben Hein. 
This week: 2nd recording session for VanVelzen. 5 Songs of which I co-wrote 3.
Next week: writing with Ruben Hein, topline writing with Guus van der Steen, and producing for A Balladeer.

19 04 2015

April (first week) 2015

Milkbar has a new single out, called 'The King'. 3FM is playing it every day. I layed some weird synths on the track. In the mp3 player above.

Writing sessions this week: Ruben Hein, Leonie Meijer and a two day camp for Dré Hazes Jr.

Performances: Promo with VanVelzen @ Tante Es on monday (march 29), CD releaseparty David Benjamin @ Paradiso on thursday (april 2) SOLD OUT, and performing with VanVelzen @ Paaspop De Hout on sunday (april 5).

29 03 2015

March 2015

'Call it luck', VanVelzen's latest single is on rotation on all big radiostations in Holland.
We've done lots of promotional gigs, accompanied by a fantastic Kenyan choir!  

Upcoming gigs: VanVelzen promo's on national radio and tv, event with a.o. Ruth Jacott and Barry Hay (Golden Earring) on March 21, David Benjamin (CD release@Paradiso) on the 2nd of April.

Writing sessions: Leonie Meijer, Sharon Doorson, VanVelzen, Ruben Hein, Dré Hazes, Wouter Hamel and more. 

17 03 2015

Februari 2015

After 9 sold out shows at 'Vrienden van Amstel Live' (125.000 visitors), it is now time for some serious writing. This week I'll be in the studio with the girls from 'Luminize' and 'A Balladeer' to work on new material. Next week Guus van der Steen (Kern Koppen), Koen Willem Toering (Sunday Sun), Cimo Frankel and Rik Annema and Wouter Hamel will stop by. Sessions with Bertolf, Ruben Hein and Leonie Meijer are scheduled as well!
Last but not least: VanVelzen's new single Call it Luck' will be released on 20 february. It really is a great song, on which I play keys, and I was involved in the production. We recorded in Berlin with my good friend Niels Zuiderhoek, who also produced it. In the mp3 player soon!

09 02 2015

December 2014 summary

Gerard Joling 'Christmas the Birth of Love' #1 in album charts. (3 co-writes)
Gitaarlem #11 in album charts. (1 co-write)
Wouter Vink nominated for 'Breakthrough Artist 2014' (2 singles co-written)
Wouter Hamel won the 'Radio 6 Award' for Best Song 'Hollywood' (co-write)

Last week was Haarlem week, with gigs in 'Het Glazen Huis' for 3FM Serious Request with all female band 'ADAM' and of course my with my buddy VanVelzen and the band.


25 12 2014


'Gitaarlem', the album that contains 'Song for Furaha', has a 15th position in the Dutch album charts, with more than 15. 000 copies sold within a couple of weeks.
'The Birth of Love', Gerard Joling's christmas album, holds the 11th position. It has reached the Gold status -more than 20.000 copies sold - within 2 weeks. 
Wouter Vink's  single 'Zoveel Mooier' has had continuous airplay for months now, and is still played at least two times a day on 100%NL radio.

16 12 2014

new releases

This week VanVelzen released the track 'Song for Furaha'. The two of us wrote it for the album Gitaarlem. It is linked to 3FM Seriuous Request as well. Last week we performed the song in DWDD and for Giel@3FM. Check out the videoplayer or listen to the mp3. You can buy it here

And something completely different: The Gerard Joling christmas album 'The birth of love' is available now! It contains 3 songs I co-wrote: 'Golden Years', 'Waiting for Christmas', and 'Christmas on the Dancefloor'! They're in the mp3 player as well. 

28 11 2014


I spent the last couple of days with VanVelzen with my friend Niels Zuiderhoek in Berlin, in his awesome Voxton studio, to record the new VanVelzen single. Coming soon.

03 10 2014

Radio 6 award!

Yesterday Wouter Hamel won the Radio 6 Soul and Jazz award for 'Best Song', with Hollywood. Written by Wouter, Benny Sings and myself. I'm proud!

03 10 2014

Week 39

Wouter Vink released his EP 'Hemelsbreed' last friday. I wrote the two 2 singles that are on it, and I am proud of the wonderful result. 
On sunday september the 21st, on international World Peace Day I performed at the afterparty in Club Ziggo for Masterpeace, with peacebuilders from Kenia, Palestine, Congo, Servia and other countries. Special and awesome that was. I did some inspiring recording stuff with some of the artists as well, and you will probably hear some of that in the near future..!
Monday was session day at the Lakeside Studio , with performances by Hans Vermeulen, Marlayne and Leonie Meijer. All truly great singers. The videos of the session will be online soon.

24 09 2014

Wouter Vink - Zoveel Mooier

Wouter Vink has a new single out, called 'Zoveel Mooier'. I co-wrote it and played keyboards on the track. 
You can listen to it in the mp3 player, or buy it here.

10 09 2014

Alain Clark Radio 6

Gigging with Alain Clark tonight for Radio 6 in the North Sea Jazz Club. Very nice indeed.

06 09 2014

Publishing Deal

Since Juli all my songs and co-writes will be published by BMG/Talpa Publishing and NA Music. I'm excited and happy! 

30 08 2014

New Studio

Next week I will start working in my new spot: Studio 3 a.k.a. The Lounge at Shamrock Studios in Baarn. A great workspace with lots of daylight. The studios are run by producer/mixer Holger Schwedt, and his record label Stargate Music. A lot of Dutch top notch records have been mixed and/or recorded here, and I'm proud to become part of the team.

30 08 2014

What's up

The last couple of weeks were full of good stuff: writing/producing with Ai Ming Oei of Ming's Pretty Heroes, VanVelzen, Hollands best singing drummer Bauke Bakker, A Balladeer, Wouter Hamel, and performing o.a. with BLØF and VanVelzen. Next week will be: writing in London with the Nexus duo, and signing a new publishing deal. 

10 07 2014

Release 'A Silent Waiting Heart'

I am proud to announce the release of A Silent Waiting Heart. A record with six mantra's, magnificently sung by Julya Lo'ko. In 2013 Julya, with whom I've been touring extensively in the past, asked me to play some piano parts on her new album, and I ended up playing and producing the whole album together with her. We even wrote one of the mantra's together. Truly something else for me. Especially because  on every song (some of which last more than 10 minutes) piano and vocals were recorded together in one take. In addition to that, guitarist Robin Berlijn and alt violinist Esther Apituley played some fantastic parts afterwards. One of the tracks; Moola Mantra is in the mp3 player.

10 07 2014

Week 25

Great news: I will be performing with BLØF at Concert at Sea, next week. On the 27th of june, the opening day, we will play covers of some of their favourite songs. 
This week: writing and production sessions with Wouter Hamel, Jochem Fluitsma @ Soundwise, VanVelzen, Sander @ Shamrock, Leon Paul Palmen.
Today I'm in a jury at the Amsterdam Conservatory, to evaluate songs from the songwriting class. 
Saturday I'll play at Westlandse Cross with VanVelzen. 

19 06 2014

Preproduction time

Every week, Roel and I spend a day or two in the comfort of his own homestudio, working on preproductions of great new songs that we and other writers wrote for a new vanVelzen album! 

07 06 2014

Christmas '14

18 Christmas tunes were written for Gerard Joling, during a two day writing camp at Shamrock Studio's in Baarn, last week. Big Fun!

07 06 2014

Writing with Rob and Matt Crosby

This week Roel and I had a very productive writing session with Rob and Matt Crosby, father and son. Two great American songwriters, known for their work with Ilse de Lange and the Common Linnets. 2 songs in a day!

28 05 2014

Fix You

Some time ago, VanVelzen and the band stumbled upon a large abandoned silo. We started singing Coldplay's 'Fix You'. In the videoplayer you can watch and listen to the result.

28 05 2014

'Dat ik van je' Paradeplaat

Wouter Vink's single 'Dat ik van je' is being played a lot on 100% NL Radio, and this week the song is selected as  'Paradeplaat' on 

take a look or listen over here 

28 05 2014

Liberation Day 2014

May 5, 2014.  In collaboration with Masterpeace, the fastest growing global peace movement, VanVelzen and Congolese popidol Innoss'B performed 3 concerts on Liberation festivals throughout Holland. Up to 200.000 people were present to celebrate freedom with us! It was fantastic. Here you can learn more about Masterpeace,  and how to sign up as a peace builde, and check Innos'B here.

06 05 2014

Wouter Vink Single

Today, 1 may, Wouter Vink releases his new single 'Dat ik Van Je'. Written by a.o. Sander Rozeboom, Joost Marsman and me. Listen to the mp3 in the player, and if you like it, buy it here.

01 05 2014


Just came home after 4 days of writing at Studio Arnold Muhren in Volendam. The team existed of David Sneddon, James Bauer Mein, Peter Kvint, Tjeerd Bomhof, JP Hoekstra, Tinus Konijnenburg, Roel VV and myself. We wrote 15 new songs, some of which are really incredibly good. So much talent in those rooms. I'm grateful to have been part of it.
Friday night Roel and I got out of the studio for a couple of hours to perform 'Locked out of Heaven' with the band at RTL Late Night. Check it out.

13 04 2014

Hollywood Single!

Wouter Hamel released 'Hollywood' as his new single. I'm proud of the result, with supercool (backing) vocals by Shirma Rouse and great production work by Benny Sings.

Check out the lyric video!

10 04 2014

8 April

Out Now: Wouter Hamel - Pompadour. Together with Wouter and Benny Sings I wrote the song Hollywood. Have a listen in the mp3 player. You can buy it here.

Today I'll write with some of the finest international voices of 'The Voice' , here in Amsterdam. The days after, there will be sessions for VanVelzen with a.o. David Sneddon and Peter Kvint. 


08 04 2014

Spring Update

Out now: Over en uit, Marjet's first single. I played piano and organ parts.

Coming soon I: Wouter Vink's new single 'Dat ik van je', which I cowrote with Sander Rozeboom.

Coming soon II: The new Wouter Hamel album Pompadour contains the track Hollywood. It was written by Wouter, Benny Sings and myself.

Earlier: in december 2013, VanVelzen's single The Blessed Days, that I wrote with VanVelzen and Peter Kvint, was the soundtrack for the motion picture Soof, in which it could be heared during the opening scene. The movie was a big succes, and fortunately the song got a lot of airplay.
In november 2013 I wrote the song Let's play a Game, together with Rupert Blackman and Jan Schröder. It was cut on the album Flying Thoughts by Paulien, winner of The Voice of Vlaanderen 2013.

30 03 2014


In september I have had the pleasure to write with Peter Kvint in Stockholm for 3 days. 1 brand new song each day! I also did a writing session at Shamrock Studio's, with my old friend and GEM leadsinger Maurits Westerik,
as well as inspiring songcrafting at Roel's place with TVoH singer Eyelar and Allan Eshuijs.
Currently we're performing the 'The Rush of Life' theatre tour with VanVelzen, until the beginning of december. If you wanna see and hear us, click here for tickets and venues.
I've been doing some nice studio grandpiano work as well, for a dutch animationmovie, called 'Pim and Pom'. Lot's of funny jazzy tunes. 
Next week, I'll be in the studio, recording and producing a new VanVelzen track. I'll keep you all posted about that, because there's exciting news coming up! 

04 10 2013


Congo. That's where I was 2 weeks ago. With VanVelzen, and the band. Incredible experience, that made me come home with a lot of mixed emotions. So much poverty and unrest among so many beautiful people. The trip was made in cooperation with Masterpeace. An initiative that puts music above fighting. 
Last week was something else. Again a writing week in the Super Hero Suite  with a.o. Tom Helsen (B), Peter Kvint (Sw), Miss Montreal and Roel van Velzen. Some african rhythms percolated onto the tracks!
Other good news is the release of the brand new Loïs Lane single 'The Morning Patrol'. It was masterfully produced and cowritten by my friends at Youguys in Berlin, and old 'Solo' buddy Michiel Flamman. I played the piano and keyboard parts. Have a quick listen in the mp3 player! 

03 09 2013

more songs

Last week has been very productive and inspiring. Nine writers together wrote no less than 19 brand new songs. The writing camp was arranged by VanVelzen and CBmusic. They made an excellent choice bringing Ashley Hicklin, James Bauer and David Sneddon (writer of Baby get Higher) in the room. Great people and amazing writers! 

23 07 2013

Studio week #2

Yow! It's been a great recording/writing week with sessions with Robin D Francesco en Hellen Vissers for Alex Greene, finishing a great track for 'The Voice' finalist Marjet, working on brand new VanVelzen material in 'The Music Palace' in Nieuwegein, pitching a song for Paulien, 'The Voice' winner in Belgium with Rupert Blackman, and writing for a new project with Xander Hubrecht.

29 06 2013

week update:

Yesterday I had a great studio session with VanVelzen and da bandboys in Jimmy's Muziekpaleis! And I'll be doing gigs with VanVelzen and Kristin Diable (USA), and writing sessions with Marjet van den Brand (TVOH), Kristin Diable and Rupert Blackman!

18 06 2013


Today I've done a fine songwriting session with Wouter Hamel and Benny Sings. Liked it a lottt.

10 06 2013


The result: 4 great days, 3 brand new songs and we bumped into A-ha singer Morten!

03 06 2013


Next week, I will fly to Stockholm with Roel van Velzen to write with the wonderful Peter Kvint. That's the way I like it!

21 05 2013

King's Day 2013

On april 30 we did a mega-gig with VanVelzen at the Museum square in Amsterdam, with guest performances by Miss Montreal, Sandra van Nieuwland en Waylon!

21 05 2013


Writing @YouGuysBerlin with Richard Cameron, june '16

24 07 2016

Recording with a Balladeer '15

18 03 2016

18 03 2016

BMG camp Hamburg 2/16

08 03 2016

BMG camp René Froger 02/16

08 03 2016

Location for 'Call it Luck' albumlaunch.
11 11 2015

VanVelzen - Call it Luck (album)
11 11 2015

11 11 2015

11 11 2015

ADE Writing Camp '15
04 11 2015

07 10 2015

BMG/Talpa Writingcamp
07 10 2015

BMG/Talpa writing camp sept '15
11 09 2015

Concert at Sea 2015 with BLØF and Sunday Sun
02 07 2015

Oerrock may 14
21 05 2015

Writing session at Studio Arnold Muhren with Ruben Hein and David Sneddon.
03 05 2015

Writing with Shane Alexander and VanVelzen at Studio Arnold Muhren.
03 05 2015

VanVelzen recording session april 2015
19 04 2015

VanVelzen recording session april 2015
19 04 2015

Talpa/BMG Writing camp Dré Hazes
04 04 2015

VanVelzen - Call it Luck videoshoot 2
17 03 2015

VanVelzen - Call it Luck videoshoot
17 03 2015

VanVelzen at 'Vrienden van Amstel Live' 2015
09 02 2015

Festival Zand 2014
28 11 2014

Recording drums for single VanVelzen in Weißensee, Berlin
03 10 2014

Recording with Leonie Meijer, Hans Vermeulen and Marlayne, september 2014
03 10 2014

Concert at Sea with BLØF, june 2014
29 06 2014

Writing Camp @ Shamrock Studio
07 06 2014

Hester Carvalho of the NRC interviewed me and others about songwriting.
31 03 2014

Met Roel van Velzen voor Masterpeace in oost Congo.
03 09 2013

VanVelzen and the team of writers, 19 juli 2013
23 07 2013

Loïs Lane recording session, Berlin 2013
21 05 2013

21 05 2013

VanVelzen at the Royal Theatre Carré 2013
21 05 2013

02 03 2012

On ukelele! Christmas tour with Julya Lo'ko 2009
02 03 2012


11 03 2017

30 01 2017

02 04 2016

02 04 2016

02 04 2016

08 03 2016

07 10 2015

11 09 2015

11 09 2015

02 07 2015

19 04 2015

17 03 2015

17 03 2015

09 02 2015

28 11 2014

28 11 2014

Wouter Hamel - Hollywood

28 05 2014

VanVelzen 'Fix You'

28 05 2014

'Dat ik van je'

28 05 2014

VanVelzen and Innoss'B Liberation day 2014

06 05 2014


30 03 2014

30 03 2014

'Vrienden van Amstel Live 2012' produced by Timor Steffens and me.

21 04 2013

02 03 2012

02 03 2012